How does an active lifestyle help with ageing?
Mr Alvin Tan
Apr 10, 2023

Does exercise prevent me from getting injuries or illnesses?

Leading an active lifestyle helps to reduce your risk of suffering from illnesses and it also helps to improve one's condition if they have been diagnosed with an illness. The following conditions listed are said to be improved with exercise.


media%2Fhow-does-an-active-lifestyle-help-with-ageing2 Overall, exercise improves an individual's overall quality of life even when they are impaired by illnesses.

So, how does exercise prevent me from getting injured? The more one exercises, their muscle strength, bone strength and endurance is improved. Hence, when experiencing a fall, they will be at a lower risk of suffering from a more serious injury. Furthermore, stability exercises decrease the chances of one falling over.

What other benefits do I obtain from exercising?

There are many benefits which can be obtained from exercising. Below are some immediate and long-term benefits obtained through exercise.

Immediate benefits:

1. Quality of sleep is improved

2. Anxiety is reduced

3. Blood Pressure is reduced

Long-term Benefits:

1. Reduced risk of depression and helps to boost your mood

2. Lowers risk of cancer

3. Enable you to maintain a healthy weight

4. Balance and Coordination is improved reducing the risk of falls

How are weights important to maintain muscle and bone strength?

As one ages, their muscle and bone strength deteriorates. Hence, it is crucial to maintain one's muscle and bone strength to age healthily. Engaging in muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening and aerobic exercises help to slow down the loss of bone density which comes with age.


Lifting weights helps to increase or maintain your muscle mass and strength which is important for elderlies. By slowly building up muscle strength, you would be able to perform more daily activities by yourself as well as improve your quality of living. Weights are often associated with bodybuilding. However, you do not have to lift like a bodybuilder to obtain the immense benefits obtained from lifting weights. Lifting weights which are suitable for you is key in ensuring that you do not injure yourself in this process.

What are some safety precautions for exercises?


Not all exercises are suitable for elderlies since some may cause injuries or strains. For example, certain exercises are more well-suited for younger adults whose muscle and bone strengths are not compatible with older adults. It is important to seek professional help when figuring out which exercises are best suited for you. You may seek advice from your doctor or your fitness trainer. It is also essential that you understand your limitations and do not over-exert yourself beyond what you can do.

What types of exercises can I try out?

There are many types of exercises suitable for older adults. However, different individuals may have different opinions or preferences. Hence, you should try to discover the exercise which suits you the best. Listed below are some options you can choose from!



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